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Things You Need To Know About Rattan

Rattan is a kind of plant from palm family. Mostly, rattan is used as the main material for making wickerwork. Wicker furniture Indonesia has long been using this natural source to make various kinds of furniture and handicrafts. There are a lot of fascinating facts about rattan especially the one originated from Indonesia.

Biggest Rattan Producers In The World

Indonesia is well-known if being the biggest rattan producer in the world. In fact, this palm family is spread throughout Asia, Africa, and Australia. However, 70% world’s supply of rattan comes from Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia rattan production is very popular and the products are available in almost all countries. The highest demand so far comes from Europe and Asian market.

Reasons Why Rattan Makes The Best Furniture Material

The great number of demands indicates that wicker furniture Indonesia has outstanding quality compares to those which is produced from other countries. It happens because Indonesian rattan is processed in such way that it becomes durable. Moreover, rattan is so flexible to be woven into various kinds of items. Another important quality is its cost. Rattan costs relatively affordable for such furniture.

How To Get Rattan Products?

After knowing some facts about the origin and quality of rattan, you may be interested to have ones for at your place. You can grab this wicker furniture from any local rattan industry in Indonesia. Rattan itself is commonly grown in almost all big islands in Indonesia. An alternative location to get the furniture is from local producers in Java Island.

You easily find a lot of rattan industries in almost in all cities in the island. Some cities do focus on producing wickerwork either from rattan, bamboo or the synthetic one. Therefore, purchasing wicker furniture Indonesia from one of the manufacturers in the country is one of the best options for you.