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The Benefit Of Food Combining

Do you feel upset stomach after eating heavy meals? If you do so, you may consider a new way of eating which is popular as food combining. Many experts and food combining promoters believe that our digestive system has a certain way to function well. Breaking the nature system will trigger many health issues. Let’s now discuss what food combining is, how it works and what benefit it has.

Get To Know Food Combining

It is a relatively new trend that is becoming popular nowadays. Although research and study are still conducted to examine this method, many people claim it works well especially for digestion. Food combining means food should be combined in a certain way. Some foods are good together while some other shouldn’t be eaten at the same time. It is because the stomach cannot process the food well and cause a digestive problem and upset stomach.

Rules To Follow

There are some basic rules to do food combining. The thing is that you should not consume protein along with carbohydrate. First, you should eat fruit only for breakfast. The empty stomach needs something light to process. Secondly, you shouldn’t combine protein with starches. It means you cannot eat meat with potato or rice. Lastly, you can combine vegetables with either meat or any source of carbohydrate.

The Advantages Of Combining Food

By following this way of eating you can get some benefit such as

  1. Overcoming digestion issue for you let the stomach work function as it is.
  2. Losing weight because your choice of food controls the nutrition intake which is helpful to reduce weight.
  3. Having longer life for the digestion system works optimally to absorb nutrition and serve natural self-healing.

You need to remember that not all diet program works well for different people. However, the benefit and no risk that food combining have, are definitely worth to try.