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Preventing Problems In Breastfeeding

According to many types of research, breastfeeding works to give complete nutrition for the babies, as well as to establish chemistry between a mother and her baby. This is can be done by using the nipple shield when breastfeeding since a strong chemistry between mom and babies will affect the child’s confidence in the future

However, it is not that simple practically. Breastfeeding sometimes becomes an activity that triggers problems for some mothers. The problems can be nipple scars, breast pain, and so on and so forth. Therefore, moms have to know the right way to breastfeed their babies. There are some simple tips to help mom breastfeed their babies, especially for new moms.

Protect Your Breast

The first one is that it is recommended to lie down on your back when breastfeeding, especially in the beginning period of breastfeeding. If the babies have grown up, you can try to breastfeed in a sitting position.

After you breastfeed your baby, do not pull your baby’s mouth. Instead, you can push the edges of your baby’s mouth slowly using your fingers to prevent your nipples get wounded. Also, you can use a nipple shield to prevent this.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to lay your baby aside to the right after breastfeeding in order to fasten the digestive system of the baby, since the baby will not ask for breastfed before they feel hungry. And this should be done in the first months of the breastfeeding phase.

Sometimes, there is some air to come into the baby’s stomach when breastfeeding. It will make their stomach bloated and stop them suckling. If this happens, set the baby down and wipe up their belly to get the air out of their stomach.

So, if you are a new mom who has a newborn baby, it is recommended to follow these tips to ease your breastfeeding process. Also, it is a good choice to use nipple shield while you are breastfeeding your baby.