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Pick The Best Leather

So many types of handbag which made from leather are on sale in some stores. You can find leather handbags wholesale in a mall or hypermarket. But, be careful of which handbag you want to buy, sometimes there will be genuine leather and synthetic leather. If you want the genuine one, you have to know the differences between genuine and synthetic leather.

Both genuine and synthetic leather has a good quality, but obviously, the genuine leather is the best. Usually, the source of genuine leather is from a real animal and if synthetic leather usually comes from imitation fabric. A bunch of similarity between these two kinds of leather makes people got confused how to find the real one.

How To Find The Real Leather?

In leather handbags wholesale, there will be the real and the imitate one. If you don’t pay attention to any details, you would not get the real one. And here some tips for you who want to find a genuine leather.

Check the label of the product. This is the easiest way to know what kind of leather it was. Synthetic leather products usually didn’t mention what kind of leather they use, but only mentioning “manmade materials”, or “fabric materials”.

Checking the ledges of the product is the second way. The product made of synthetic leather will look better in the edges part of the handbags, and when you touch them, it feels like foam or plastic, whereas the genuine is rougher.

Smell the leather, this sounds weird but it is important on checking the originality of leather. Synthetic leather cannot copy the smell of the genuine one. The genuine leather smells more like the smell of its animals, but synthetic leather smells like chemical substance.

What were the tips for you who want to buy a handbag in leather handbags wholesale? Don’t be wrong in choosing the best quality leather.