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Let’s Play Angry Bids 2!

What is Angry Birds 2 ? This game is really popular in recent years. It is a game where you need to defeat the enemy by launching the birds from the slingshot. There are some interesting facts about Angry Birds. This game is from Finnish game developer which is Rovio Entertainment. They already developed the game’s franchise. The developer said that they get the inspiration from a sketch. It displayed wingless birds. As we said before that the game’s concept is about launching the birds at the enemies from the slingshot to the place where the enemies are placed in certain structures.

What Is Angry Birds 2?

What is Angry Birds 2 ? This game was launched in the middle of 2015. The very first game was launched in December 2009. At first, you can download the game only on iOS platform like Apple. However, since the game become so popular, the developer decided to launch the game to others mobile devices such as Windows Phone, Android, and Symbian as well. The game becomes the top game at that time and it does not take much time to take over the PC game and home video game too. Until now, there are more than 12 million copies of Angry Birds have been downloaded or purchased from various platforms.

Years later, A Finnish TV created the cartoon series version of Angry Birds. The show depicts a story of the birds and pigs that become rival. The first season has 52 episodes. The first episode aired on March 2013 and the show is still ongoing until now. On 2011, Nickelodeon also shown special episodes of Angry Birds entitles Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds: Wreck the Halls. This game is very popular among kids but there are many adults who play this game too. So, what is Angry Birds 2 ? In conclusion, this game is a very popular game.