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Keep Your Healthy During Fasting Month

For you who are Moslem, there will be a month in a year that you have to fast one month full. When you are fasting, you are not allowed to eat any food and also drink for about 14 hours. Without consuming any food in a day, you will get less energy than usual. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your eating and sleeping habits to get a perfect pray.

Healthy Body In A Holy Month!

To get enough stamina during the fasting month, you need to know how to fast in a good way to keep you healthy every day. You cannot be equating your habits in a special month once in a year like any other months you usually do. So, there are some tips for you to keep your body healthy during fasting.

First and the most important, don’t miss your midnight meals. This is the foundation of your fasting in a day. If you missed this important thing, you will not get enough energy in a whole day. At this fasting time, it is better if you consume a food contains complex carbohydrate, such as corn, yam, cassava, wheat, oatmeal, and red rice. Because those foods can help you to hold your full longer than other foods.

Then avoiding too much coffee, tea, and soda will help you to do your holy fasting. If you lack liquid in your body, don’t drink those water, you better drink mineral water to fulfill you dehydrate. Those kinds of water cause a fat.

The last is get enough sleep. Not only paying attention to your food but also your sleep. Don’t sleep in the middle of the night, try to sleep for minimum 7 hours. If you think that is not enough, you can take a power nap in the afternoon for 20 or 30 minutes to recharge your energy.