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How To Wash Hand Properly?

Everything that we touch can influence our health. The hands also play role in determining the body fitness. It is the gate of spreading illness. Therefore, the cleanliness of our hands is inevitably important. However, many people just simply ignore the importance of washing hands. There is indeed hand sanitizer that can help sterilize our hands but we cannot always rely on it.

Use Hand Wash Instead Of Bar Soap

The fact, that people who do not clean hands regularly are prone to disease. It is important to start the good habit by washing hands especially after doing activities involving dirt. Most experts will suggest washing hands using hand wash. It will help you get rid of any bacteria more effectively.

However, it is better to avoid using bar soap. Why? It is because bar soap that is used massively by different people will increase the possibility of spreading bacteria or virus. In such urgent situation, you may use hand sanitizer. However, washing hands using water and hand wash is the best solution to avoid illness.

Dry Hand Thoroughly

Letting the hands wet after washing it, will increase the possibility of dust and bacteria to stick on the hands. So, it is very important to thoroughly dry your hands. You can use either hand towel or hand dryer. If you are using a towel, make sure that it is clean enough. Alternatively, you can use tissue but use it wisely.

Mind The Duration

Lastly, duration of washing hands matters. Unfortunately, many people simply ignore it. Most of us think that as long as washing hands using water and soap is enough. In fact, washing hands needs at least 20 to 30 seconds. Besides, it is important to rub palm, between fingers and lean nails. Living healthy starts with healthy and clean hands.