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How To Treat The Sprain On Any Parts?

Exercise is the most exciting and fresh activity. However, you have to make sure that you already did some stretching before and after exercise. It is the important one to not let your body get a little shock while doing exercise. Before exercise, the stretching will help your body to be heated before doing the heavy activity. After that, you have also to do stretching after exercise to reduce any pain or strain. Even athletes could get strain during their tournament. This condition also may appear to you. So, what should be done when you got strain? Here are the treatment tips for strain body.

7 Steps For Sprain Treatment

There are some common activities which usually trigger the strain. There are skateboarding, skating, diving, playing basketball and baseball, inline skating, skiing, and many more. The most common part to be strained is wrist which usually being hit or getting extreme pressure. The symptoms will be like:

  • Bruising
  • Tearing or popping feeling in the wrist
  • Warmth and tenderness around the injury area
  • Swelling, and

For the best treatment that can be done is resting. You have to let your wrist heal fully. Here are 7 steps to treat your sprain:

  • You have to let your wrist rest at least for 48 hours, which means you cannot give extra pressure on your wrist by doing exercise or carrying heavy things
  • You can reduce the swelling and pain by compressing the injured part by using ice for 20 to 30 minutes for every 3 hours in 3 days
  • Don’t forget to compress your wrist by using a bandage
  • You need to elevate your wrist above your heart
  • You can also take an anti-inflammatory to reduce the pain
  • You can use splint or cast to keep your wrist immobile while you are doing another activity.