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How To Build Micro Mansion In Minecraft

Similar to what we do in real life, the house is a basic need you must fulfill. For beginners, do not think of making the luxurious or huge house at first. Simple yet cool Minecraft houses easy to build will serve you enough space and tranquility. Once you have acquired the skill, you can expand the house into anything you want.

List Of Materials

There are some materials you need to collect before building a micro mansion. First, you need about 40 wood planks that you can from trees. Secondly, few wooden slabs are also needed. Then, you need glass and door, glow stone or torches. Also, you should have a furnace for the light source. Last but not least, you may want some things for your interior such as a bed, table, and chairs.

Bear in mind, that you should find flat ground at least 5 by 5 grid of space for this cool Minecraft houses easy to build. It doesn’t have to be in certain place for it can be built in every flat ground. Make sure that you collect all materials and find a good spot for the permanent house.

Step By Step To Build Micro Mansion

First of all, put a border of 4 by 4 perimeter using two blocks wood planks high. Don’t forget to leave some space for the door and window at any side you want. If you have glow stone put one off on the wall. Secondly, make the roof by using wooden slabs. Then, install the door and window in the available spot.

After that, finish the exterior by putting torches in front of the house. Lastly, decorate your interior with crafting table, chairs, and furnace. You can place it facing the door. Put the bed at any spot you want. You can explore other design in