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Health Facts You Should Know

In this technology era, there is much unknown information which spread over the world and some of you believe it. You may get unknown information or many of you called it as hoax information from many sources you can find it on the internet. One of the hoax information you may hear is about the health issues.

Don’t Brush After Eating

Have you heard that you need to brush after eating? Well, this is absolutely wrong. While you are eating something, especially the acidic foods, like you can get from the soda, tomatoes, sports drinks, citrus fruits, and many more, don’t brush your teeth after it. The acidic foods will soften the tooth enamel and so when you brush it, your teeth on the sensitive condition. It may erode the layer underneath.

It will make your teeth can break easily. Many dentists will not recommend you to brush after a meal because they know it can danger your teeth. Thus, if you would like to brush after a meal, it will be better if you wait for it for 30 to 60 minutes.

Drink Hot Beverage To Cool Off

Other hoax information you get is about while you feel so hot outside, you drink the iced beverage to cool off your body. Well, it is wrong. You should know that while you are drinking the iced beverage, it will not make your body can change the temperature naturally. So that is why you will feel so hot after drinking it.

The natural way to cool off your body is by drinking a hot beverage. When you drink a hot beverage, the temperature of your body will change and it can produce the sweat from your skin. By sweating from your skin, your body will cool off naturally. Those are slight health issues you need to understand well.