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Good Software as Our Assistant

Epson is one of the greatest printer company in the world, especially in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, most of the photocopy and printing places are using Epson to print. Epson XP 202 Software is one of the great software from Epson series that helps people using Epson XP 202 Printer. This version of the printer can do several things to help the users doing their job because they use new technology over Wi-Fi methods.

Invisible Assistant in Printing

Any other usual printing method uses manual way to print documents or pictures from our PC. Users had to connect USB cable from PC to the printer, so they can print documents they want. In this case, Epson released new version Epson XP 202 Software and Printer to make differences with another brand of printer. Wi-Fi method is the way that Epson chooses to create new technology. So, what are the advantages of using Wi-Fi in printing activity?

First, offering the flexibility of printing any file from the device. Anytime, anywhere you want to print any document, you don’t have to bring your PC or laptop in doing it. Use your smartphone or tablet, you can print the documents you want. The steps are, turn on the Wi-Fi signal from the printer, then turn on the find Wi-Fi in your smartphone, connect the both of it. You can choose any file from your smartphone and print it using the software on your smartphone.

Second, automatic Wi-Fi setup. This method configuring laptop or PC Wi-Fi signal to automatically connect to the printer. We don’t have to check the Wi-Fi settings again or connect the USB cable. The Epson XP 202 will automatically find the relevant connection of the smartphone or laptop and configure the Wi-Fi itself. This Epson XP 202 software will serve you the best.