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Explore Gorontalo And Find Great Places Of Indonesia

When it is Indonesia, it will always have relation with nature things and tourism sites. Gorontalo is one of the greatest places in Indonesia to travel. When you are traveling to Indonesia, make sure that Gorontalo is one of the destinations that you should try. You might be curious about some sites you can find in Gorontalo. Mostly, the tourist sites there are natural tourism sites. Yet, those sites still incredibly great and awesome.

Great And Gorgeous Tourism Sites In Gorontalo, Indonesia

If you want to find more great sites in Indonesia by traveling to Gorontalo, you will collect more great memories of tourism in Indonesia. Traveling to Indonesia by visiting Gorontalo, you can try to catch up your information before you go there.

  • Olele Marine Park

This is popular as the Hidden Paradise of Gorontalo. You can find the peaceful and natural scenery in this place. Not only about the great scenery of nature, it also shows you how beautiful the culture there. You can find this marine park in Olele Village, Kabila Bone, Gorontalo.

  • Limboto Lake

Located in Limboto district, this lake has the dept about 5 to 8 meters. Many activities you can do once you come here. For example, you can go fishing there. Sometimes, there is also boating competition.

  • Saronde Island

Actually, it is only a small island, but its scenery is very awesome. You can find out that this place is already popular among the international tourists since you can find many international tourists there. The atmosphere is fresh and it is good for you to relax and forget all of your problems when you travel to this place.

Gorontalo still has many other interesting tourist sites that you can visit, you can figure out it more and put it on your list too. You can put that previous list as the places that you have to visit when you are traveling to Indonesia. So, are you ready to experience great traveling to Gorontalo?