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Cure Your Hunger with Healthy Snacks

Actually, take midnight snack is big no since it will gain your weight. However, you can take midnight snack as long as you did not take it regularly. Once in a month must be a normal time to take your midnight snacks. Moreover, you can take this snack as if you get hungry at midnight. It must be difficult to sleep when you are too hungry. For the easy one, you can take a glass of water to cure your hunger. However, sometimes it will not work at all. It means that you are truly hungry.

The Best Midnight Snacks When You Cannot Sleep

If you already get a glass of water but you still feel hungry, so you can take midnight snacks as the last choice. However, you have to take healthy foods which are still good enough for your supplies. Here are the best recommendation for your midnight snacks:

  • Apple with Peanut Butter

Are you hungry but too lazy to make a food? You can cure your hunger by apple and peanut butter. You only need to peel one to two apple(s). After that, take a tablespoon of peanut butter and mix it with the apple. This kind of snack is good to ease your hunger with a sweet taste.


  • Avocado and Toast

If you still have little bit energy, so you can try to get bland toast. After that, slice some of the fresh avocados. Serve both of them on one plate, then sprinkling with pepper and salt on the top.


  • Cereal

For another simple snack, cereal is not a bad idea. You can take a whole grain cereal and milk. However, make sure that you did not load overly since it takes much sugar which will distract your sleep cycle.


  • Crackers and Cheese

For another recommendation, you can take cheese and crackers for the best midnight snack.