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Crippling Depression Vs Anxiety

If we are talking about mental disorder, many people think that while there is something wrong mentally in person, it must be a mental disorder. They feel that no matter what the name of a disorder is, it is all the same. For this problem, you need to know that there are many differences among the mental disorder. Just like the crippling depression and anxiety. Those are mental disorders, but they are different.

Differences Among Of Them

To know more about the crippling depression and anxiety, you have to understand their differences. They might have the same symptoms but the effects and the other parts of them are different. The differences between them are:

First, if you are feeling so depressed, your thoughts will be full of negativity. Unlike the depression, if you are feeling anxiety, you just think “as if”. From this thought, it shows that the depression and anxiety people have a different thought in their mind.

Second, the one who suffers the depression can feel blue all day long. When they are alone and there is no distraction, they will feel so deeply sad and get so depressed. Different with the anxiety, they just feel so restless. While you see someone difficult to sleep, they may suffer the anxiety.

Third, when you see someone transform from small to overweight or from overweight to small, they may suffer depression. The depression gives a huge impact toward the appetite and weight. There are some depressed people like to eat more or to eat less. Thus, their weight can be up or down, when the anxiety people don’t.

Those are the differences you should know about the crippling depression and the anxiety. Perhaps, some people around you need your help to get out from the anxiety or depression. You can see them from these signs.