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Completing Your 2018 Auto Collection with Sedan Cars

The sedan is one of the most favorite cars models. It gives the owner comfortable and fun riding experience. The feature is considered satisfying while the price considerably affordable. 2018 new car reviews have excitedly talked about it. If you are going to add your auto collection with sedan model, here are the top expected collections of the year.

Several Sedan Collections Which Are Released in 2018

Some cars are released in this early 2018, but some will be released later at the end of the year. Regardless of that, let’s take a look of several auto-sedan collection that will be released and has been released this year.

  1. New Honda Accord

The 2018 Honda Accord presents new design. Although there are a lot of alternative in this category, Accord is still worth to buy. It has engine system that provides spanking acceleration. Commonly, most cars with great acceleration require more fuel consumption. However, this model has pretty great fuel efficiency. The moderate Honda safety feature will complete this new edition with the average price in its class.

  1. 2018 Hyundai Sonata

Another 2018 new car reviews will be about Hyundai Sonata new design. The previous release has a great reputation for its safety and reliability. Moreover, it is pretty practical car in this category. This year Hyundai upgrade the suspension and provide it with the new transmission. Buyers will be provided with numerous choices with 6 trims and 3 engines. Talking about the price, its base values for about $22,000.

  1. Kia Stringer 2018

The improved exterior and engine quality make it a great competitor for its class. Although other manufacturers from Europe and Japan are popular, this refreshed collection serves a great deal as well. It will come in two models, the Stinger and Stinger GT. The extensive improvement lies in the engine feature which provides great acceleration.

So, if you are looking for a new collection of the sedan, you can consider those 3 series. Besides, its promising predecessor reputation, it will give you a new and exciting driving experience. If you need more complete and detail information, you can access There you’ll find comprehensive information about the exterior, interior, engine, and even estimated price.