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Check Out The Best Place To Visit In Bali Here!

Bali is knowns for its many beautiful places, especially the beaches. There are many people who visit Bali because they want to explore the amazing nature here. Although almost all people already go to Bali, they will visit this place again. As time has passed, the best place to visit in Bali is getting more and more. This is why you can’t skip Bali when it comes to holiday.

There are many places in Bali that you should explore. There are many places that still hidden too. We give you a list of some places to visit in Bali. These places are different from others; we can say that those are anti-mainstream places. Check them out!

Best Place To Visit In Bali That Worth Your Time

The first place that you have to visit is Pasih Aug Beach. This best place to visit in Bali is located on the island of Nusa Penida, particularly at Bunga Mekar Village. As we know that this island has many beautiful places. If you want to go to Parish Uug Beach, you need to cross from Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida. This beach can be your getaway from crowded place since Pasih Uug is a beach which is quiet and unique.

The beach is quite different from most beaches that offer a vast expanse of sand. The uniqueness from Pasih Uug Beach is from the shape itself that has no resemblance to the common beach. Pasih Uug Beach offers the scenery of the green hills and the blue sea.  There are many foreign tourists known this beach as Broken Beach since the shape is not like a beach.

Pasih Uug Beach is also known as one of the best beaches to see the sunset. You need to come to this beach in the afternoon and wait until the sun is set. BBQ party in the best place to visit in Bali is an unforgettable journey.