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Awesome ‘You Are What You Eat’ Compilation

You know, sometimes there are many things that are too amazing to explain. They are so magical and do not need more explanation. It is like the good things to live in this world. You will find many awesome things but you just open your mouth but do not produce any word because you do not know what to say. So, here, I will give you the compilation of ‘you are what you eat’. You will see how the statement really true if you see the pictures.

Here is the Compilation of Awesome ‘You Are What You Eat’

You should eat the foods on the next list to have totally good and perfect health. You will believe it if you see the list and see the pictures. The picture will really ease you to know each function of the foods for the body parts. Try to read the list below and find the pictures:

  1. Avocado = Uterus
  2. Tomato = Heart
  3. Ginger = Digestion
  4. Ginseng = Veins
  5. Celery = Bones
  6. Onion = Cell Health
  7. Walnut = Brain
  8. Citrus = Breasts
  9. Broccoli = Anti-Cancer
  10. Figs = Scrotum
  11. Grapes = Lungs
  12. Mushroom = Ears
  13. Carrots = Eyes
  14. Rhubarb = Bones
  15. Kidney Beans = Kidneys

So, what do you think about the compilation of those things above? You surely aware how the foods and the body parts look so alike. You will see the slice of carrots just like your eyes. Then, it is very obvious to see kidney beans like you see your own kidneys in the small version. Then, can you see the other equation of the rest of foods with body parts? Try to find out the pictures from the other sources and you will love it.

Well, you know how those foods very good for those body parts. Therefore, you should eat healthily and be happy from now on. I wish you will always be healthy with your best diet. That is all.

Losing Weight by Eating these Foods

Are trying to lose weight? For some people, losing weight might be difficult since it needs a lot of consistency. From taking exercise regularly, managing dietary habits, and being selective to what to consume should be maintained as well as possible. You may take a regular exercise, but if you don’t consume foods that make you lose weight, your exercise will be in vain. After all, the result returns to how you manage all aspects of losing weight. The foods that you eat every day, for example, play an important role in your weight loss.

Simple Foods that Make You Lose Weight

There are a lot of foods having a good impact on weight loss process, and fortunately, most of them are easy to find and also inexpensive. You don’t need to spend much money to get them, for example, cruciferous veggies, including cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. They are extremely fulfilling but not increase your weight as they contain a bunch of protein and fiber. So, these vegetables are weight loss friendly. Another example of foods that make you lose weight is boiled potatoes. Boiled potatoes, especially white potatoes, seem a perfect food for those who try to lose weight. Its nutritive contents can help you lose weight. Also, similar to cruciferous vegetables, you will feel full after eating this which prevents you to eat other foods instead.

Well, the list of weight loss friendly foods doesn’t end at vegetables. Another option that you may want to try at home is whole eggs. Wait, what? Really? Yes, absolutely. Although the egg has been widely known for containing a high amount of cholesterol, it is still included in the list of foods that make you lose weight. The high amount of cholesterol is contained in the egg yolk. However, if you eat the whole egg, there will be such a unique chemical reaction that helps you lose weight.

Easy Tips To Prevent Indigestion After Eating

Eating many foods is a common thing to do when you feel hungry. You could not stop until you feel that your stomach feels like going to explode. On the other hand, there is also pain or burning sensation after eating in your upper stomach. This condition is called as indigestion or dyspepsia. In some cases, indigestion also as a sign or certain health problems like gallbladder disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or ulcers. However, there is still a way to prevent indigestion after eating.

The Best Prevention For Indigestion

To prevent indigestion after eating, you can try these things:

  1. When eating, try to scoop your foods slowly so it will not push your stomach in storing your foods. Moreover, it will also give more time to process the foods
  2. You can also take small meals which will help your stomach to work effortlessly. You can cut your foods into small pieces which will help to process in fast since hard foods will take a longer time to process and make your stomach work harder
  3. Avoid foods and drinks with caffeine
  4. Stop smoking. At least you can avoid smoking right before eating since it will irritate your stomach and trigger indigestion
  5. If you are full, so don’t exercise afterward. You can do exercise before eating or 1 hour after taking your meals
  6. Although your stomach feels like to explore, make sure that you will not lay down after that since it will even make your stomach getting worst
  7. Cut back the foods which contain acids like tomatoes and citrus fruits
  8. When you are eating, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes which care not tight-fitting since it will push your stomach and trigger indigestion
  9. Don’t go to the bed right after eating. Wait for at least 3 hours after that.

Backache Causes And Treatment

Backache Causes And Treatment

It is safe to say that a backache is more likely to happen to those who have been older and is less likely to be found in those who are younger. When we are talking about a backache, we say that this problem is highly uncomfortable for everyone who suffers from it. It can occur to anyone and you may also have a chance to suffer this problem. That’s why it is important to know the causes of the problem and also how to treat the problem naturally.

How To Treat Backache Naturally?

Before we learn more about the way to treat a backache, it must be great to learn about some of the possible causes that can lead us to have our backache. The first and foremost is lack of exercise. If you are more likely to lying down lazily in your bed instead of doing physical activity, there is a possibility that your joints will not be as flexible as those who like to exercise. Since your joints are not flexible, you will be more likely to get a backache. Moreover, wearing high heel can also be another cause of a backache. If lately, you work too much with a high heel, it can be your main culprit.

After learning about some of the causes of a backache, we can learn some ways to treat this problem naturally. In the first place, we have ginger which we can use to deal with the problem. Here, we can make a combination of ginger and alcohol to make a fermented medication for a backache. After two weeks, we can use the remedy to deal with a backache. Moreover, we can also use Curcuma to get rid of a backache. In this case, we can simply boil Curcuma with water. After that, you can drink the water as a natural remedy to treat a backache.

Keep Your Healthy During Fasting Month

For you who are Moslem, there will be a month in a year that you have to fast one month full. When you are fasting, you are not allowed to eat any food and also drink for about 14 hours. Without consuming any food in a day, you will get less energy than usual. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your eating and sleeping habits to get a perfect pray.

Healthy Body In A Holy Month!

To get enough stamina during the fasting month, you need to know how to fast in a good way to keep you healthy every day. You cannot be equating your habits in a special month once in a year like any other months you usually do. So, there are some tips for you to keep your body healthy during fasting.

First and the most important, don’t miss your midnight meals. This is the foundation of your fasting in a day. If you missed this important thing, you will not get enough energy in a whole day. At this fasting time, it is better if you consume a food contains complex carbohydrate, such as corn, yam, cassava, wheat, oatmeal, and red rice. Because those foods can help you to hold your full longer than other foods.

Then avoiding too much coffee, tea, and soda will help you to do your holy fasting. If you lack liquid in your body, don’t drink those water, you better drink mineral water to fulfill you dehydrate. Those kinds of water cause a fat.

The last is get enough sleep. Not only paying attention to your food but also your sleep. Don’t sleep in the middle of the night, try to sleep for minimum 7 hours. If you think that is not enough, you can take a power nap in the afternoon for 20 or 30 minutes to recharge your energy.

Health Facts You Should Know

In this technology era, there is much unknown information which spread over the world and some of you believe it. You may get unknown information or many of you called it as hoax information from many sources you can find it on the internet. One of the hoax information you may hear is about the health issues.

Don’t Brush After Eating

Have you heard that you need to brush after eating? Well, this is absolutely wrong. While you are eating something, especially the acidic foods, like you can get from the soda, tomatoes, sports drinks, citrus fruits, and many more, don’t brush your teeth after it. The acidic foods will soften the tooth enamel and so when you brush it, your teeth on the sensitive condition. It may erode the layer underneath.

It will make your teeth can break easily. Many dentists will not recommend you to brush after a meal because they know it can danger your teeth. Thus, if you would like to brush after a meal, it will be better if you wait for it for 30 to 60 minutes.

Drink Hot Beverage To Cool Off

Other hoax information you get is about while you feel so hot outside, you drink the iced beverage to cool off your body. Well, it is wrong. You should know that while you are drinking the iced beverage, it will not make your body can change the temperature naturally. So that is why you will feel so hot after drinking it.

The natural way to cool off your body is by drinking a hot beverage. When you drink a hot beverage, the temperature of your body will change and it can produce the sweat from your skin. By sweating from your skin, your body will cool off naturally. Those are slight health issues you need to understand well.

The Reasons To Consume Smoothies Everyday

Planning your meal and other needs in your life is not easy. There are so many things that will be suitable for your need. As you can choose some things that will be unique, you can get some foods that will boost your health. In this case, a smoothie is one of the most important things you can consume to get the best of it. Although many people seem to underestimate this food, you can still get the food to find that your life is better and you can start a healthy lifestyle. Here, we will give you some insights about the food.

Why Start Consuming Smoothies?

There are so many people who are looking for delicious foods that are healthy and will give benefits to their body. In this case, you can choose the smoothies due to its uniqueness and its deliciousness. When it comes to you to get the smoothies, there are three main reasons why you need to consume them right now.

  1. It is easy to prepare. You just have to get some foods and vegetables and just blend it easily. You can even make it within 10 minutes. It will be a super simple, super quick food preparation that will be useful for you.
  2. The smoothies will also give you the daily dose of the fruits and vegetables. Of course, you will get the best from the foods. In this case, you can consider a good thing as it will not make you chew the fruits, but sip them instead.
  3. Due to its high fiber content, you can get the best for the experience of losing weight. When it comes to you to get the program, you will find the best solution by drinking the smoothie. Of course, it will make you feel refreshed and lose the weight easily.

Those benefits will make you feel comfortable when making and consuming your smoothies. Of course, we believe that you can get the best of them by choosing the right ingredients that are suitable for your taste.

How To Wash Hand Properly?

Everything that we touch can influence our health. The hands also play role in determining the body fitness. It is the gate of spreading illness. Therefore, the cleanliness of our hands is inevitably important. However, many people just simply ignore the importance of washing hands. There is indeed hand sanitizer that can help sterilize our hands but we cannot always rely on it.

Use Hand Wash Instead Of Bar Soap

The fact, that people who do not clean hands regularly are prone to disease. It is important to start the good habit by washing hands especially after doing activities involving dirt. Most experts will suggest washing hands using hand wash. It will help you get rid of any bacteria more effectively.

However, it is better to avoid using bar soap. Why? It is because bar soap that is used massively by different people will increase the possibility of spreading bacteria or virus. In such urgent situation, you may use hand sanitizer. However, washing hands using water and hand wash is the best solution to avoid illness.

Dry Hand Thoroughly

Letting the hands wet after washing it, will increase the possibility of dust and bacteria to stick on the hands. So, it is very important to thoroughly dry your hands. You can use either hand towel or hand dryer. If you are using a towel, make sure that it is clean enough. Alternatively, you can use tissue but use it wisely.

Mind The Duration

Lastly, duration of washing hands matters. Unfortunately, many people simply ignore it. Most of us think that as long as washing hands using water and soap is enough. In fact, washing hands needs at least 20 to 30 seconds. Besides, it is important to rub palm, between fingers and lean nails. Living healthy starts with healthy and clean hands.