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Awesome ‘You Are What You Eat’ Compilation

You know, sometimes there are many things that are too amazing to explain. They are so magical and do not need more explanation. It is like the good things to live in this world. You will find many awesome things but you just open your mouth but do not produce any word because you do not know what to say. So, here, I will give you the compilation of ‘you are what you eat’. You will see how the statement really true if you see the pictures.

Here is the Compilation of Awesome ‘You Are What You Eat’

You should eat the foods on the next list to have totally good and perfect health. You will believe it if you see the list and see the pictures. The picture will really ease you to know each function of the foods for the body parts. Try to read the list below and find the pictures:

  1. Avocado = Uterus
  2. Tomato = Heart
  3. Ginger = Digestion
  4. Ginseng = Veins
  5. Celery = Bones
  6. Onion = Cell Health
  7. Walnut = Brain
  8. Citrus = Breasts
  9. Broccoli = Anti-Cancer
  10. Figs = Scrotum
  11. Grapes = Lungs
  12. Mushroom = Ears
  13. Carrots = Eyes
  14. Rhubarb = Bones
  15. Kidney Beans = Kidneys

So, what do you think about the compilation of those things above? You surely aware how the foods and the body parts look so alike. You will see the slice of carrots just like your eyes. Then, it is very obvious to see kidney beans like you see your own kidneys in the small version. Then, can you see the other equation of the rest of foods with body parts? Try to find out the pictures from the other sources and you will love it.

Well, you know how those foods very good for those body parts. Therefore, you should eat healthily and be happy from now on. I wish you will always be healthy with your best diet. That is all.