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A Popular Trip To Labuan Bajo

Travel to Labuan Bajo is popular nowadays. Many people come to Labuan Bajo to get a very wonderful experience of traveling. Not only Bali, Labuan Bajo is also one of a famous city in Indonesia which have a very wonderful nature, one of the best in the world. You can join sams club travel and you will enjoy your trip without any problem and without feels worried about anything.

There are two ways that you can choose to get o Labuan Bajo. You can choose between using plane or ship. If you want to have a flight to get there, then you can choose the flight package provided by some provider like Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, Kal Star, and Wings Air. The other way is by ship. You can use the sailing package provided by PT. PELNI, but it will cost more time than do a flight.

Some Spots You Can Visit In Labuan Bajo

There some sites that can be visited if you go to Labuan Bajo. There are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach. Komodo Island is the most attractive tourist spot in Labuan Bajo. You can get experience to see the wildlife of giant lizard called Komodo. Komodo Island also has a very wonderful view. Make sure to come with sams club travel.

Rinca Island d is not far from Komodo Island and it is still in the area of National Komodo Garden. You also can get to see a very beautiful scenery in there. Next spot is Padar Island that is nearby Rinca Island and only separated by Lintah Strait. You must through a challenging track to get there. The next spot is Pink Beach. The most interesting is the color of the beach that has a pink color, it is so wonderful.

There are so many packages that you can choose. You also can join sams club travel to get some package and make sure you won’t get upset by choosing the wrong package.