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4 Smart Travel Tips For Women


There are lots of independent women out there who love to do everything by herself. Independent women are also known fearless; they were born brave. They are not afraid to travel across the globe alone by herself. Map, polaroid, and belonging are their only friends. Are you one of them? That’s cool! Or do you aspire to be one of a bold woman who sees the world alone?  That’s even cooler! If you want to travel alone the first thing you must take care of yourself at all cost. World out there can be pretty terrifying. But, do not worry! We have travel tips for all brave women. Let’s jump over the next paragraph.

Wandering alone in the city we have never been to and see people we have never met is such an exciting idea. By traveling alone, you can do whatever you please as long as it doesn’t risk your own safety because after all, you are all you have.

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Here are tips to stay safe for women when traveling solo:

  1. Always keep something sharp in your bag.

It can be a pocket knife or a scissor. Pepper spray is also highly suggested just in case a creepy stranger triggers your existence.

  1. Avoid the night out.

Some places are known unsafe for women so it is a bad idea if you decide to take a night out alone to the city. Stay in your hotel is the best choice.

  1. Do not ever wear high heels.

Yes, high heels can boost your confidence. But when you are in an unfamiliar area, wearing high heels can bring you into a trouble. You can never run as fast if something smells danger. Wear your fancy sneaker instead.

  1. Last but not least.

Decide your place to stay in a strategic area near grocery store, ATM center, or police station.

There are four smart traveling tips for all bold women. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!