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Month: March 2018

How To Prevent Rubella

Rubella is a disease caused by a virus. Many rubella sufferers are children, but it can be found in old age or even in pregnant or lactating mothers. Rubella spreads through the breath of people who are infected by the virus to the other through the air, the droplets bring the virus reaches the mouth, throat and then to the nose. The symptom that will arise for patients with rubella is the presence of a small pink rash and some others. Now, what can we do to prevent this problem?

How To Prevent And Treat Rubella

First of all, it is a good idea to get a vaccination to battle the virus of rubella if you do not want to get the virus. There is a possible vaccine that can be used to prevent the problem. You may need to get the vaccine especially when you are going to travel away. This problem may not be familiar in your country, but it is more widespread in other countries around South America, Asia, and Africa.

So, if you have a plan to go to somewhere that has a high rate of this health problem, it is better to get vaccinated first before you go.

Then, it is also a wise thing to limit the spread the virus. When you or someone around you have the virus, it is better to avoid going to school or work so that the virus is not spread to another people. If you are the one who gets the virus, it is necessary that you avoid any contact with women who are pregnant. Then, what should we do to treat this rubella infection? It is somehow difficult to treat, but you can consider seeing your doctor immediately when you find small pink rash in your body which is suspected as rubella symptom.

Best Ways To Treat Vaginal Discharge

Best Ways To Treat Vaginal Discharge

A woman must have experienced something called vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge reactions are very common and usually appear before the menstrual period either or as soon as menstruation is over. The most important thing to note is the condition of the discharge itself. Vaginal discharge can consist of several characters such as white, full of water, sticky, yellowish green or unpleasant odor. Each distinct sign of the discharge gives a clue as to the condition of women’s reproductive health. Then, what should we do when we found that the discharge is not normal?

Best Ways To Treat Vaginal Discharge Naturally

To treat vaginal discharge naturally, the first thing that we can do is maintaining the hygiene of our clothes both the one we use outside and inside. Since we need to make sure that our Miss V is not contaminated with the thing that may make vaginal discharge get worse, it is better to make sure that we maintain the hygiene of our underwear and any other clothes we wear.

Moreover, we may consider using underwear which is made by cotton to make sure that our vaginal area does not get too moisturized or too dry. In this case, you may need to avoid artificial material.

Furthermore, you may need to avoid using any liquid which means to clean our vagina. There are many types of vaginal cleansers that can be obtained easily. Even to buy this material does not need to use a prescription from a doctor. But it turns out using vaginal cleaning fluid can actually increase the amount of the discharge. Some chemicals in this fluid cause pure pH damage in the vaginal area and kill off good bacteria. That’s why you should avoid the use of vaginal cleansing fluids. Now, you have known some of the best ways to treat vaginal discharge.

Backache Causes And Treatment

Backache Causes And Treatment

It is safe to say that a backache is more likely to happen to those who have been older and is less likely to be found in those who are younger. When we are talking about a backache, we say that this problem is highly uncomfortable for everyone who suffers from it. It can occur to anyone and you may also have a chance to suffer this problem. That’s why it is important to know the causes of the problem and also how to treat the problem naturally.

How To Treat Backache Naturally?

Before we learn more about the way to treat a backache, it must be great to learn about some of the possible causes that can lead us to have our backache. The first and foremost is lack of exercise. If you are more likely to lying down lazily in your bed instead of doing physical activity, there is a possibility that your joints will not be as flexible as those who like to exercise. Since your joints are not flexible, you will be more likely to get a backache. Moreover, wearing high heel can also be another cause of a backache. If lately, you work too much with a high heel, it can be your main culprit.

After learning about some of the causes of a backache, we can learn some ways to treat this problem naturally. In the first place, we have ginger which we can use to deal with the problem. Here, we can make a combination of ginger and alcohol to make a fermented medication for a backache. After two weeks, we can use the remedy to deal with a backache. Moreover, we can also use Curcuma to get rid of a backache. In this case, we can simply boil Curcuma with water. After that, you can drink the water as a natural remedy to treat a backache.