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Month: February 2018

Survive On The Ocean Through Sortie En Mer

Do you like playing the game? What is kind of game that usually be played? If you want to find something new, so you can try to get simulator games. There are a lot of simulator games which are highly recommended to try. One of them is Sortie En Mer. However, this game is only compatible with your PC. So, you have to get Sortie En Mer download on your PC only not for your mobile devices. However, some reviews gave their positive response towards this kind of games.

What Kind Of Sortie En Mer Is?

Before you get Sortie En Mer download, you might have to know what kind of this game is. Basically, Sortie En Mer is an FMV (Full Motion Video) game that has narration. You do not need to play it hard, but you will get on the situation of the game plot. In this case, you will be Julien who sailed with his incompetent friend named Charles.

How To Play Sortie En Mer?

As mentioned before, Sortie En Mer is also kind of simulator game. Specifically, it is a drowning simulator game. You will be on the yacht and then it will be knocked down. You can see Julien who jump into the sea then try to keep his body floating. In that case, you have to learn how to survive on the sea. You will see how Julian tried to leave his shoes and get numb at the end. Then, there will be a narration of Julian’s past life. It is kind of dramatic FMV game. In the end, you will see Julian died on the sea. Meanwhile, you still have to survive on the sea with some elements. Swimming skill is allowed as if you get tired of hypothermia. So, get Sortie En Mer download now and find its attractiveness!