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Month: November 2016

Tips To Maintain A Car

Congratulations on buying your first car. As a newbie, there are things that you need to know about the car. When you purchase a car, you will automatically have responsible which is maintaining your car. Car maintenance is not hard, believe me. You can learn some things from Autotech Miami on how to maintain your car.

Things To Know About Car In Autotech Miami

Autotech Miami is the right place to maintain your car while you are in Miami, We have the best team here to fix and maintain a car. Learn some things from us then you can maintain your new car by yourself.

  1. Tire

Flat tires are the most common problem in a car. Learn how to maintain your car tires and you won’t face this problem along with your journey anymore. You need to check the pressure in all of the car tires regularly. It’s better if you check it before you drive. Unchecked tires can cause accidents. Even it can cause a serious crash if you don’t check it or change it.

  1. Oil

Similar to tires, oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. Some people often forget this rule. You need to change it regularly to maintain the engine too. You can check the guidance for your own car.

  1. Spare tire

Spare tire need to be checked regularly too. Check the pressure since seasonal weather and temperature can change the spare tire pressure. This can happen even though the tires do not leak.

  1. Air filters

Another thing to check and replace regularly is air filters. Dirty air and dirty oil filters will just make the engine become worse quickly. If you often skip this maintenance, soon the engine will cause a failure.

  1. Vital fluids

The last thing to check is vital fluids. You can check it only on Autotech Miami since this procedure needs professional to do that.