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4 Smart Travel Tips For Women


There are lots of independent women out there who love to do everything by herself. Independent women are also known fearless; they were born brave. They are not afraid to travel across the globe alone by herself. Map, polaroid, and belonging are their only friends. Are you one of them? That’s cool! Or do you aspire to be one of a bold woman who sees the world alone?  That’s even cooler! If you want to travel alone the first thing you must take care of yourself at all cost. World out there can be pretty terrifying. But, do not worry! We have travel tips for all brave women. Let’s jump over the next paragraph.

Wandering alone in the city we have never been to and see people we have never met is such an exciting idea. By traveling alone, you can do whatever you please as long as it doesn’t risk your own safety because after all, you are all you have.

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Here are tips to stay safe for women when traveling solo:

  1. Always keep something sharp in your bag.

It can be a pocket knife or a scissor. Pepper spray is also highly suggested just in case a creepy stranger triggers your existence.

  1. Avoid the night out.

Some places are known unsafe for women so it is a bad idea if you decide to take a night out alone to the city. Stay in your hotel is the best choice.

  1. Do not ever wear high heels.

Yes, high heels can boost your confidence. But when you are in an unfamiliar area, wearing high heels can bring you into a trouble. You can never run as fast if something smells danger. Wear your fancy sneaker instead.

  1. Last but not least.

Decide your place to stay in a strategic area near grocery store, ATM center, or police station.

There are four smart traveling tips for all bold women. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

Featured Post

Backache Causes And Treatment

Backache Causes And Treatment

It is safe to say that a backache is more likely to happen to those who have been older and is less likely to be found in those who are younger. When we are talking about a backache, we say that this problem is highly uncomfortable for everyone who suffers from it. It can occur to anyone and you may also have a chance to suffer this problem. That’s why it is important to know the causes of the problem and also how to treat the problem naturally.

How To Treat Backache Naturally?

Before we learn more about the way to treat a backache, it must be great to learn about some of the possible causes that can lead us to have our backache. The first and foremost is lack of exercise. If you are more likely to lying down lazily in your bed instead of doing physical activity, there is a possibility that your joints will not be as flexible as those who like to exercise. Since your joints are not flexible, you will be more likely to get a backache. Moreover, wearing high heel can also be another cause of a backache. If lately, you work too much with a high heel, it can be your main culprit.

After learning about some of the causes of a backache, we can learn some ways to treat this problem naturally. In the first place, we have ginger which we can use to deal with the problem. Here, we can make a combination of ginger and alcohol to make a fermented medication for a backache. After two weeks, we can use the remedy to deal with a backache. Moreover, we can also use Curcuma to get rid of a backache. In this case, we can simply boil Curcuma with water. After that, you can drink the water as a natural remedy to treat a backache.

Explore Gorontalo And Find Great Places Of Indonesia

When it is Indonesia, it will always have relation with nature things and tourism sites. Gorontalo is one of the greatest places in Indonesia to travel. When you are traveling to Indonesia, make sure that Gorontalo is one of the destinations that you should try. You might be curious about some sites you can find in Gorontalo. Mostly, the tourist sites there are natural tourism sites. Yet, those sites still incredibly great and awesome.

Great And Gorgeous Tourism Sites In Gorontalo, Indonesia

If you want to find more great sites in Indonesia by traveling to Gorontalo, you will collect more great memories of tourism in Indonesia. Traveling to Indonesia by visiting Gorontalo, you can try to catch up your information before you go there.

  • Olele Marine Park

This is popular as the Hidden Paradise of Gorontalo. You can find the peaceful and natural scenery in this place. Not only about the great scenery of nature, it also shows you how beautiful the culture there. You can find this marine park in Olele Village, Kabila Bone, Gorontalo.

  • Limboto Lake

Located in Limboto district, this lake has the dept about 5 to 8 meters. Many activities you can do once you come here. For example, you can go fishing there. Sometimes, there is also boating competition.

  • Saronde Island

Actually, it is only a small island, but its scenery is very awesome. You can find out that this place is already popular among the international tourists since you can find many international tourists there. The atmosphere is fresh and it is good for you to relax and forget all of your problems when you travel to this place.

Gorontalo still has many other interesting tourist sites that you can visit, you can figure out it more and put it on your list too. You can put that previous list as the places that you have to visit when you are traveling to Indonesia. So, are you ready to experience great traveling to Gorontalo?

Msi Best Gaming Motherboard Lineup

Good gaming motherboard is one of the most important computer components. It functions to boost the gaming performance so that gameplay will have better gaming experience. One of the most mobo makers that have long been involved in the industry is MSI. MSI is also popular for promoting excellent quality and affordable price.

2018 Latest Msi’s Gaming Motherboard

In 2018 MSI is ready with new motherboards lineup that has been improved in term of performance and quality. Some of the hardware is even worth long investment for the user.

  1. MSI Z270 Gaming M5

This series of the motherboard is one of the best MSI hardware. It supports any Intel processors seventh generation. This series is popular among PC gamers for its impressive color of black and red. Some specifications of this good gaming motherboard consist of Memory DDR4.


Steel Armor along with VR Ready and VR Boost and Multi-GPU provides you awesome gaming display. The audio component supports amazing studio-grade sound. The BIOS Flashback+ allows easy system recovery. However, it won’t support the latest Intel 8th Generation processor yet.


  1. MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium

Secondly, MSI has popular X370 XPower Gaming Titanium which is widely available in the marketplace. Unlike the previous series, it supports AMD RYZEN series and seventh Gen A-series. This is another MSI’s upper-class gaming motherboard. It will cost you a higher price but offers excellent gaming experience. It can work way more optimal and allow you to obtain higher FPS.


  1. MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming

It is the greatest MSI lines for gaming motherboard so far which support the 8th gen Intel Processor. This good gaming motherboard is supported by tons of gaming features. This high-end class motherboard will definitely cost you a fortune. However, the specification worth admirable BIOS Flashback+ and UEFI BIOS, excellent sound quality, and other features are a great long-term investment.

Best Things About Fruits And Vegetables

Are you one of those people who care about your health? Then, you must be love to eat fruit vegetables in your daily meals. Well, if you do not; you should try to eat vegetables and fruits now. There are many good things about fruits and vegetables, you know. Here, I will give you the several good things about them you should know.

Several Best Things Of Fruits And Vegetables For Your Life

People do not like vegetables because of the taste or the shape of the vegetables. Well, actually, it is not a good reason to hate vegetables or fruits. Health is more important than the taste and the shape you hate from the broccoli, for example.

Someday, if you have a kid; you will realize how important vegetables and fruits are. You will try to persuade your kids but it is very difficult just like you in the past. Indeed, to love something you need a reason. Here are the reasons or best things about the fruit vegetables for your life:

  1. You will find it very useful for health. They contain much good nutrition your body needs, the fiber you need as well and other substances. You should make it as your daily foods and menu.
  2. The fruits and vegetables also very good as the home remedies. You will find many recipes for home remedies made of vegetables or fruits.
  3. It is very good for your beauty as well. Your skin, your hair even the problem with your eyes or another part of beauty can be fixed by fruit or vegetables.

Click fruit vegetables for the detail information and tips about fruits and vegetable. Do you believe it? Well, you have to believe it. You live here need fruits and vegetables. They help you to defend any disease or sickness. Including the most dangerous sickness such as cancer. Start to eat them a lot now.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy In Summer Time?

Summer is back. It means that you have to store all your winter coat back, then change it into the most comfortable clothes. Like another season, your body needs to adopt more. However, summer will be a disaster since the temperature is on the highest level. In certain case, you will get dehydrated if you cannot build your body well. Moreover, you need to do extra treatment and maintenance during summer time. Your skin might be dried. To avoid the worst condition of your skin, you have to do some treatment and maintenance.

4 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy In Summer

Actually, summer is not as bad as winter time. In summer, you can get dehydrated easily. However, there are still some ways to do during summer to maintain your skin be healthier. Here are the best ways to keep your skin healthier:

  • Never Forget About Non-Toxic Sunscreen

In summer, there is the highest chance that you will get sunburn. In that way, you need more protection. Non-toxic sunscreen is the best choice for summer. Make sure that you get at least SPF 30 for daily.


  • Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Skin dry, rough, and dull is the effect of too many dead cells on your skin. For the best solution, you need to exfoliate your skin twice in a week. In that way, your skin will be healthier since there are no deader cells on your skin.


  • Drinks More Water

Water is the best natural thing that helps your body hydrated well. Get enough water will make your body hydrated as well as your skin. In summer, you need to get extra water since the temperature is on a high level.


  • Apply Moisturizer Routinely

To avoid dryness, you need to apply a skin moisturizer. You need to choose the best moisturizer based on your skin type.

Sophisticated Laptop Under $700

Who does not want to have a gadget with the sophisticated look with cheaper price? Of course, most people want to have these kinds of things. You might also want to have your sophisticated laptop so that it looks elegant when you work with it. Finding best laptop under 700 dollars with sophisticated looks can be the answer for you. Then, what kind of laptop that you can choose for criteria of the laptop?

Choose Your Sophisticated Laptop With Only $700

Things that look sophisticated do not always require you the expensive price. You can choose the one that is available at an affordable price but still have a great work for you. Then, considering the best laptop under 700 dollars as your option in choosing the elegant but affordable laptop can be the right decision. You can find many laptops with that range of price, and those laptops are showing the best performance and look.

First, Acer Aspire E 15 is the example that you can figure out deeper. This laptop provides you simple but elegant looks that will make you feel comfortable with the appearance. Meanwhile, for the specifications, this laptop is supported with huge RAM and the best processor for works. Do not forget the capacity of storage, since you can save many important documents there.

Then, never forget to figure out Dell Inspiron 13 5000. This laptop is also a good choice for you who are looking for an affordable laptop with great works. It is listed as one of the best gaming laptops with the price less than $700. It shows that this laptop is supported by great specifications too, as gaming laptop should have such a specification.

Those two laptops can lead you to find more facts about affordable laptops with great looks and great appearance. Those laptops can be your sophisticated things without you needing to spend too much money on it. Then, what you will choose as the best laptop under 700 dollars?

Time to Know about Mobdro App

If you are looking for a streaming app to stream your favorite TV series, movies, and live events or maybe you want to stream the newest ones, then it’s time for you to download Mobdro app. Yes, we know that you know nothing about Mobdro. But this app has been on the internet since years ago. And this app works amazing. This is the perfect app for streaming.

What is Mobdro App?

This streaming app is similar to Kodi. However, Kodi now is gone since the app has its legal issues. However, if you download and install Mobdro we can assure that this app is legal with its links to many movies, TV series, as well as live events.

That’s why we wonder why Mobdro app didn’t hit big although this app offers great features and menus. Moreover, you can stream anything legally. That’s the important point. The authority keeps shutting down both apps and websites that promote stream link illegally. And they never touch Mobdro since this app has legal content and copyrighted for streaming.

The app works like this, Mobdro will scan the web and link on the internet and it can find free link or website to stream legally. That’s why authority never touch this app since the developer creates a good app. So, this app only looks for legal stream available. However, if you find a link to movies that still on the cinema (for example Avengers: Infinity War or Deadpool 2), then don’t click it. Since this app doesn’t have control to the streaming, everything will be back to the user whether you want to stream that new movie illegally or wait for the right link from Mobdro.

You can download Mobdro app for Android devices. You can’t download this app on Play Store, but you can download Mobdro manually. Enable the unknown sources in your Android’s settings.

How to Get Free Streaming from Mobdro

Do you want to stream your favorite videos freely? Just install the Mobdro app. It is the best application to stream any kind of your favorite movies and TV programs freely. Moreover, you can also get various features that let you get the best capture and save your programs easily. If you do not need too many features, so the freemium version is the best one. On the other hand, you can also upgrade to premium if you need more features to get. So, how to install the Mobdro on Pc? Is it compatible? Just check this out.

Step by Step to Install Mobdro on PC

Actually, installing the mobdro app is easy. There are only some steps to get this application freely on your pc. Here are some steps to get the app:

  • Download the App

For the first step to do us downloading the apk. You can get Mobdro app from official sites. There is a lot of option that you can get. Just choose the pc version. Then, follow some steps to do. In several minutes, the apk will be downloaded fully.

  • Install the App

After you get the apk, automatically the application will be installed. However, sometimes you need to install it manually. Just open the apk, then follow some instruction. Then, let it install fully on your device. Once the icon is shown, the application is already installed.

After the application installed, you can start to find your favorite videos. When launching the application, you will find the search box on the top and various options after that. To make it easier, you can click some categorization of videos. From movies, news, music, to famous channel are available. Moreover, accessing mobdro app to stream various videos does not need to sign in the account. You can freely stream all videos.

Free Music From Internet Here!

Do you love to listen to music in an application like Spotify and Joox? However, there are too many ads and there many VIP songs that cannot be played. So sad many of them are your favorite. I think you should download free music rather than change your account to be VIP now. Sometimes you need money more just to be VIP.

The Steps To Download Music Or Songs For Free

If you just need to listen to one music or song; you do not need to throw your money away. You may just download one song for free and get the other songs for free from your application you have installed. So, do you understand this easy way to listen to your VIP favorite music?

Download free music is so easy from the internet. However, sometimes if you get the wrong website page; you will need so much time to get one song only. So, do not so worry about the website page to download the song. You will get it here as well. Now, you should see the steps to download first as follow:

  1. You should visit the website page by clicking the link in the last paragraph below.
  2. Then, you will see the searching box on the top of the page. Type the title or the artist or even the album.
  3. Afterward, you will see the list of the songs and album below the box.
  4. Choose one of the lists based on your favorite by clicking download.
  5. You will see the options of quality of the song. Choose the yellow ones and you are ready to download.

The yellow one is the quality of the song that is available to download for free. Here is the link: You may play the song first before downloading it if you want. Then, you will see the video on YouTube. Make sure it is the song you want. That is all.

Healthy Life For Night Shift Work

When you are adults, your days will be full of work. Five to seven days in a week you spent in your office. It is quite difficult to find some long holidays, except you take your break from your company. Indeed, whatever the job you have chosen, there will be some risks and one of which is working in the middle of the night or night shift work. Need some extra attention to your health for you who take this risk.

Keep Healthy In The Middle Of The Night

Sometimes people who work on night shift got several problems with their healthy life, such as insomnia, obesity, and headache. Therefore, follow the tips below to make your night shift stays healthy.

First is get enough sleep. There is no reason for you who work in the middle of the night that you lack sleep. You can sleep 30 minutes before you start your work in night shift, it will restore your energy before doing some works. And after you finish, use the time to get some enough sleep.

Second, avoid caffeine and energy drink to get rid of your sleepy. This kind of instant drink is popular for you to make your eyes open, but it is dangerous for your health. It causes dehydrate and insomnia for your body. Change the habit of consuming this kind of drink into consuming mineral water. Mineral water is the best way to keep your body healthy.

The third is choosing the kind of food you usually eat in the middle of the night. Usually, you will choose instant food because it is easy to get if you are working in the middle of the night. It is much better if you eat some fruits or you bring your own food from home. Don’t be so often eating instant food on your night shift.


60 Seconds Free Game Tips and Trick

The existence of internet that appears in the middle of the community is very helpful, especially with the availability of a number of interesting services to use. Well, one form of progress of the internet is raised with a number of online games. The online game is already undeniable is an activity that can entertain many people.

Related to online games, surely, you’ve heard 60 seconds free is not it? This is a game service most used by many people to play. The reason is, with this service the players can find out what level of excitement of the game they have chosen.

Game 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure

Playing in the 60 seconds free game is indeed chosen by some people because of the excitement of the game. Especially if you are right in choosing the type of game that will be used. Well, for one type of game that can be played with this service is Atomic Adventure. This game is a game that falls into the adventure or adventure category.

Atomic Drill In 60 Seconds Free

This game is a game available in 60 seconds free and is played using a number of strategies to get out of a nuclear-fired bunker attack. If you use this 60 second service, then you will find the name, Atomic Drill. Atomic Drill This is a tutorial that will be encountered first, you can practice some cursor that will be used in this game.

The Main Atomic Adventure Method

In addition to the Atomic Drill method that will be faced by all players who will play Atomic Adventure, the players can also use other methods such as the following:

  1. Scavenger Mode.

This is a game method that requires each player to collect some stock at home to move to the bunker you are currently occupying.

  1. Survival Mode.

This is a game method that will make you move. Because the bunker that you use to shelter is full of some stocks that are moved from home.

  1. Apocalypse Mode.

This is a mixing game method between scavenger and survival mode.